Innovations & ideas

We are continuously developing new innovations independently or in close co-ordination with our customers and partners. You can find an overview of current products and development projects, which are composed of the areas of software, hardware development and cable sets, here:

7-pole & 13-pole E-Kits for tow bar applications
E-Kits of the latest generation in OEM quality!

The system consists of modular cable sets and CAN-bus control units (high-speed, low-speed and single-wire). From the stage of analysis through to market launch, we pursue the target of SOP 1-2 (1 to 2 days). After the vehicle has been analysed, the tested and finished cable set is available within 48 hours and can be called up directly via our logistics partners. As a result of the rapid analysis of the vehicles and using the modular system, we can react to the requirements of our flexible customers within the shortest time. As a result of optimisation of the software, a release is no longer necessary in case of installation.

On request, the control unit can be equipped with a WiFi interface and operated using a user interface (Cloud and App). As well as this, for example, the application software, calibration data, installation instructions, FAQ's, videos or the vehicle diagnostics (test mode), can be called up.

Advantages and features for Tier 1. & 2., dealers and workshops:

  • OEM Quality
  • Cost-saving of approx. 30 % compared to competitors
  • SOP 1-2
  • 7-pole & 13-pole sockets, including customer logo
  • No release required (saving of between 100 to 180 Euro)
  • Reduction of installation time by 20 to 30 minutes
  • As a result of the modular system, the number of articles held in stock is clearly reduced

Advantages and features for Tier 1. & 2., dealers and workshops:

  • OEM Quality
  • No release required (saving of between 100 to 180 Euro)
  • Installation instructions in 26 languages (image & pictogram technology)
  • Reduction of installation time by 20 to 30 minutes
  • Cost-saving of approx. 30 % compared to competitors

Universal Control Unit (ECU)
The new ECTRONS Universal Control Unit (ECU) supports up to two different CAN systems and is structured as a 3-plug concept in module implementation, in order to guarantee rapid integration into an existing system.

Based on the hardware architecture, the Universal Control Unit (ECU) can be used for the most varied applications, e.g. as an attachment control unit, CAN gateway (automotive & industry), general performance activation (automotive and industry).

Product details:

- Sensor inputs:     2 x temperature
- Signal inputs:    5 x digital / 3 x alternatively also as ADC
- Signal outputs:    5 x digital / 3 x alternatively also as PWM
- Power outputs:    8 x to max. 6A current-carrying capacity
- CAN bus:     1 x high-speed CAN (up to 1 Mbit/s), additional CAN optional
     1 x high-speed CAN (up to 1 Mbit/s)
     1 x low-speed CAN (up to 125 Mbit/s)
     1 x single-wire CAN (up to 83.3 Kbit/s)


Semi Dynamic Indicators
Some years ago various vehicle manufacturers introduced strip lighting / flashing indicators. The dynamic flashing lights are available on new vehicles only. We also offer you this functionality over the ECTRONS control unit for older motor vehicle types, provided that these vehicles have LED lights and/or flashing indicators.

Universal Control Module
The Universal Control Module can be used for many purposes within a vehicle:

Sound Control
The UCM can control a great number of sound-effects in the vehicle interior or also the engine sound. The sound in the vehicle is often not the correct sound. A lot OEM's use a special module that generates the engine sound and so the vehicle sounds like a sports car. The module or the sound can be deactivated, improved or even changed.

Theft protection
The incidents of theft of high-quality vehicles are increasing and in almost every case the same procedure is used. The window is broken in and/or the vehicle key read out. The typical time slot available to the thief is between 1 - 3 minutes. The UCM system from ECTRONS Automotive cuts off access to the engine control unit triggered by the break-in, so that re-coding is not possible and the vehicle cannot be started. The system can be activated or deactivated using a special code.

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